Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gimme a beat

This is the third week of Christina Aguilera's Singing Masterclass vocal challenge. This vocal challenge is becoming quite the challenge. Don't worry - I can handle it! 😉

For this week's challenge, we had to change the beat of a song. We could've chosen to decrease or increase the beat. I hoped that I would have been able to breeze through this week's challenge but as always, the path towards developing your skills is never paved with shimmering crystals.

Time for beat listening
I'm sure I spent 15-20 minutes listening to the blues, pop, ballad, rock and reggae loops provided by my songwriting Coursera professor. While I listened to the beats, I tried to create a new rhythm for the songs I had on my singing list for this week's challenge.

A salute to musical beats
As I listened to the loops, my admiration for musicians, composers, audio engineers and music producers increased. I also began to have a more in depth understanding of the intricacies that are involved in creating melodious beats and rhythms. It is pure magic and an absolute delight that a harmonious rhythm can be created by mixing and combining several musical instruments to create those perfect beats for the songs we love.

Transformation of the beat
After cycling through several songs, I finally found a new beat and a new rendition for the song I chose the vocal challenge - The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" You can take a listen to my rendition here.

And so, the beat goes on! 😊


  1. It's really amazing how a song can change when the beat slows down or intensifies.

  2. Oh yes, I certainly agree with you Trayelle.